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Reply Avery Taylor
4:30 PM on July 25, 2017 

I have read an estimate of 34% of the state's population served during the Vietnam War era.  That seems to be very inflated but I don't know of any other statistics available.   VVA has over 600 active members in the state but I know there are many many more in other VSOs plus who knows how many VN vets never joined any VSO.

Reply Fritz Hamer
4:08 PM on July 25, 2017 

I am planning an exhibition on Vietnam and South Carolinians who served there. Does anyone have a good estimate of how many from the Palmetto State served in Vietnam?

Reply Avery Taylor
11:32 AM on March 14, 2017 

Thank you for your post on our web site.  Hopefully some of our members will want to pursue your book.

Reply George Reischling
11:16 AM on March 14, 2017 
Tay Ninh, Vietnam-Nui Ba Den-69-70 "TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW!" I came upon your name while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. With your military background, you may find it interesting. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide I believe that you will relate to this true story of the fight for Nui Ba Den and the struggles and sacrifices that the soldiers who served their country in Vietnam endured. Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war. I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless! George Reischling
Reply judy dew
2:18 PM on January 15, 2016 

I am trying to find a vietnam veteran who lived in Mullins south carolina on his return. billy or william ray skipper

Reply Robin Michael
2:39 PM on July 20, 2015 

May I invite everyone to view this video on “The First Vietnam Veterans National Memorial” that was built DURING the Vietnam war - 1968-1971 and then later on DAV came in and built the underground museum as part of the complex. The video is approx 45 minutes long. Also, a 4 page history of the site in PDF format is available for you to down load and / or read.

This video was written up in the spring edition of the V V A National Magazine and was labeled as a must see video and also a very special place to visit.

Hope all enjoy it as much as I did.

Reply George Reischling
11:57 AM on February 3, 2015 

Served with 25th Division at Tay Ninh 1969-70.  Fought on Nui Ba Den two times. Wrote a book on Amazon  Please check it out.  Would like to know what happened to the children mentioned therein.  Did they survive? Thanks! George

Reply Amos Jones
8:13 AM on August 10, 2014 

I am reaching out to all Viet Nam Veterans to make them aware of numerous benefits that are available for many illnesses that the veteran may not be aware of that could increase their benefits.  For those veterans that have been turned down for benefits, please contact me as soon as possible.  There are over 50 locations where military personnel might have served that will entitle veterans to receive additional benefits on top of current benefits.  If you would like to obtain additional information, please contact me as soon as possible.

5:26 PM on June 19, 2014 



More than 40 years have passed and the words have never beenuttered

No songs, no banners, no gratitude just people who closedtheir shutters

No parades, no ticker-tape, no standing ovation

Only silence, and whispers of a protesting Nation


Although there were many who might care to stand,

To reach out with gratitude and shake my hand

There were many more who took FREEDOM for granted

No concern where my mission and feet had been planted


Many had been called upon by our great Nation

To bring hope and democracy for a new generation

I served diligently with honor, humbly fighting to stayalive

The taste of FREEDOM was always my main drive


Now 45 years later as I memorialize in my mind

The battles for FREEDOM and the friends left behind.

Some ungrateful, taking FREEDOM for granted - that'signorance

They have no concept of the cost of battle forindependence


Today as I reflect on the years that have passed

I still see how Patriotism is standing steadfast

As I celebrate and appreciate another year of life

Loving my friends, my children, my wife


I embrace a generation of those that I served

And a new generation that seem un-assured

I hope that democracy, truth and decency are still alive

And the FREEDOMS many have died for will continue tothrive


God Bless Americaand the men and women who have sacrificed

In the name of FREEDOM!

And may I not forget the reason that I wrote this poem–





(or never made it home) THANK YOU ~ YOU ARE NEVERFORGOTTEN


My family is GRATEFUL –

Written by Sandra Eichler-Gonzalez ~ aka ~ PATRIOTCHICK


Reply Anhthao Ha
11:22 PM on December 10, 2013 

EDDIE says...
yo, i was a crew-chief with the 187th AHC at Tay-Ninh '68-'69. I am looking for some photos of the gun ships 'working out' or photos of a UH-1D flying sideways at a 40 to 90 degree angle like when we flew sideways between trees. Plez email them to me if there are any available. Thanks Bro's. [email protected]

I grew up in Tay Ninh. I am glad that you was in Tay Ninh once. I always appreciate and respect all Vietnam Veterans.